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The Faber Process

The Homebuilding Process

With Faber Custom Builders you will be guided through the exciting experience of a custom home build by professionals who's goal it is to bring your vision of home to life. Our process is designed to accommodate your unique individual needs and desires while achieving a low stress and smooth construction process. Below are the phases of our process that allow us to deliver to you an unparalleled construction experience and quality focused build.

The Design-Build Phase

An in person discussion is had about home square footage, interior design elements, outside design elements, and level of aesthetics you would like to achieve as part of your overall budget. At this phase we have had this preliminary discussion and are feeling good about the next steps. There's still a lot of unknowns and we want to make sure you are completely confident that we are the best builder for your home and your needs. We want to minimize the risk for both parties and maximize your comfort and confidence in us. We will present to you a pre-construction agreement that allows us to put you at the top of the priority list. This agreement also allows us the advantage with our preferred subcontractors; as they will push your project to the top of their list for pricing.

Phase 1 - Site/Existing Conditions Review

Phase 1 is where we set up a time to review your lot/s, or your existing home where the new construction is to take place. We take into consideration all the details you may or may not have considered for your custom build such as placement of the home to accommodate sunrise/sets, and protect from surrounding trees or other natural occurrences. We'll spend time with you having these discussions and also evaluating any constraints your build may pose and how to mitigate them. At this phase we will evaluate your needs and desires and recommend the best path forward on how to prepare construction documents for your project. We have highly skilled and very experienced firms we partner with to get your vision on paper.

Phase 2 - Design & Drawing

At this phase we have a pretty clear understanding of what you would like to build and the site specifications, if we have not done so already we will get one of our architect or licensed designers to translate your wishes into a building design concept. This may involve sketches, drawings, 3D renderings, and preliminary site plans, floor plans, and building elevations. Any building systems, such as HVAC and plumbing, also belong in the schematic designs.

Phase 3 - Estimate, Selections and Contract

This is the phase where the design intent manifests as a detailed plan. Finishes can greatly affect the total cost of a construction project (as well as the project schedule), so this phase must be handled with the utmost degree of detailing with Faber. At this point, a more realistic cost estimate will come into view and be put into writing; along with your construction contract overviewing all details of your home build. We like to have an in person meeting to go through the construction drawing sets and discuss materials and schedules, allowing us to put together the most accurate and complete estimate for you.

Phase 4 - Final Selections and Build Phase

Your contract is signed and first payment is made, the permit set of drawings as part of a larger permit application has been delivered to the county; we are now at Phase 5; where you will start to see the construction work happen! Some selections have been made as part of the estimating process but anything that has not been 100% chosen will be finalized at this phase. The building site takes shape with the excavation, foundations, framing, etc.! A step by step of each building milestone will be presented to you, up until the final walk-through of your completed home!

5 - Warranty

Faber's builder warranty goes above and beyond a written statement provided as part of your contact. As a new home owner, you become part of the Faber family, and we want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the work and craftsmanship that went into building your dream. We provide a ( 1 ) year standard warranty on all our homes and are happy to discuss increasing to 5 or 10 years

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