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Bella Addition

This fully custom addition included a 3 car garage with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchenette, and living room above. This addition also included adding an elevator and ADA bathroom with curbless shower onto the existing home. 


Some of the key features of this addition are showcased in the photos and include high vaulted ceilings in the bedrooms covered with antique shiplap reclaimed from corncribs in the Midwest. On top of the shiplap ceiling material is an intricate framework of antique barn beams also reclaimed from barns taken down and repurposed.


In addition to adding on to this home, we completely re-roofed the existing home, replaced all windows across the front, and completed many updates inside to allow for a seamless transition from the current living space into the new addition. 


To learn more about this project view it on Houzz.

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